Washington, DC


Stop Terrorists, Traffickers, Enforce U.S. Immigration Laws
No Executive Amnesty, Secure Our Borders!

WE, the undersigned, recognize the Garland, Texas jihadist attack as just a warning shot by ISIS, and so should our government! ISIS and jihadist incitement against us is INTENSIFYING! We REJECT Barack Obama's "promised" Executive Amnesty ploy designed to "legalize" some 8 million illegal aliens presently in the U.S. We likewise REJECT House Speaker John Boehner's AMNESTY SURRENDER and BORDER SELLOUT of 2014 as reports of terror-linked illegals breaching our border rise! We WILL NOT ACCEPT Obama's Open Borders amnesty because it is a FREE-FOR-ALL at our expense AND it is ENDANGERING AMERICAN LIVES with a back door for ISIS terrorists and Islamic jihad to infiltrate America!

Border invasions of American territory are worsening with Obama's "Children's Crusade" of Central American illegals creating chaos through which slip thousands of "Other Than Mexicans" (OTMs ) and "Special Interest Aliens" (SIAs) from terror-sponsoring countries roaming our homeland, armed incursions by Mexican "military" and emboldened Zeta cartel protection squads holding U.S Border Patrol at gunpoint, and convicted felons being turned loose from federal incarceration! Yet, instead of defending our nation, RINOs are conspiring to DO NOTHING but fund AMNESTY for these illegals, and to promote their so-called immigration reform sellout with the likes of Nancy Pelosi.


  1. NO FUNDING for Obama's illegal alien "humanitarian crisis" at the border. Obama's amnesty magnet attracted these illegal aliens, and Obama's Executive Branch budget can repatriate these illegals back to their countries of origin.
  2. ENFORCEMENT of existing federal law for detainment, processing, prosecution and deportation of illegal alien border crossers.
  3. Specific, measurable legislation REQUIRING THE FENCING OF AMERICA'S SOVEREIGN BORDERS WITH MEXICO AND CANADA – this bill must pass the Senate, signed by Obama and the FENCE BE COMPLETE AND SUCCESSFUL IN STOPPING ILLEGAL ENTRIES before any other "immigration reform" legislation is offered.
  4. The next bill – after border security WITH METRICS – should be employment verification and enforcement for both EMPLOYERS AND EMPLOYEES;
  5. Expansion of MERIT-BASED work visas and immigration quotas ONLY once America's OWN citizens are no longer jobless.
  6. Expansion of education visas with schools required to track and maintain accurate records of each student attending institution or returning to country of origin.

Further, we PLEDGE to withhold political support from any Member of Congress who votes for any "comprehensive" immigration reform policies, unless and until THE BORDERS OF OUR NATION ARE SECURED AND ILLEGAL ALIEN PENETRATION OF OUR SOVEREIGN BORDERS IS CONTAINED.