PRESIDENT Barack Hussein Obama has for eight years FAILED to provide PROOF POSITIVE of his constitutional qualifications to occupy the Oval Office and LEAD THIS COUNTRY. But he must not be allowed to set historical precedent of FRAUD in our highest Executive office simply by lying and running out the clock. Congress MUST investigate and settle the "birther" controversy once and for all.

The documents that Obama represents to confirm his Constitutional eligibility to the office of U.S. President ARE tainted, and overwhelming expert analysis and forensic evidence amassed confirm that FORGERY, FRAUD, FALSIFICATION, CONSPIRACY and OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE are involved in their fabrication.

I DEMAND Congressional investigation of Barack Hussein Obama's eligibility qualifications for the office of the Presidency under the U.S. Constitution. Thanks to the valiant service of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse, and the excellent litigation pursued by the U.S. Justice Foundation, the evidence of criminal ineligibility and election fraud surrounding Obama's natural born citizen status can no longer be ignored, and must be addressed by the full Congress in formal investigative and legal proceedings, posthaste.

I CALL HEREWITH UPON THE U.S. CONGRESS AND THE STATE EXECUTIVE AUTHORITIES FOR FORMAL INQUIRIES, AND CRIMINAL CHARGES TO BE FILED AGAINST BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, based upon the evidence which has been developed of fraud, forgery, conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

The concealment, alteration and destruction of the historical record is a propaganda technique of tyranny; a method of totalitarian governance. It has no place in our democratic republic. Yet, a systematic, systemic scrubbing of the documentary evidence of Barack Obama's past is actively underway – and MUST STOP. For example, the Selective Service System has altered its record keeping regulations to permit archival document destruction severely impeding criminal investigation inquiries and Freedom of Information Act requests.

Honor your oath of office; do your duty and defend the Constitution and the rule of law!