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Petition to Barack Obama:

To Mr. Barack Obama:

       As a "constitutional law professor," you know the U.S. Constitution in Article II, Section 1, clearly states: “no person except a natural born citizen” is qualified for the office of President.

       Despite the fact that you continue to pay lip service to the notion of transparency, you still choose not to comply with the demands of an overwhelming majority of Americans as well as with the Constitution and provide proof-positive that you are a natural born citizen. You and I know full well that all of the circumstantial evidence in the world is not sufficient proof of your constitutional eligibility for occupying the highest office in our ordered Republic.

       Instead of honesty and transparency, as promised, you repeatedly stonewall efforts to produce the truth, spending well over $1.4 million to hide your real long-form birth certificate and other telltale records from the public. These are not the actions of an honest man, not the actions worthy of the office of President.

       Mr. Obama, as a concerned citizen, I ask you: Are you rightfully qualified to be President or are you perpetrating the biggest fraud in American history? If you don’t want me and millions of other Americans to conclude from your actions that you believe yourself above the law, that you are criminally usurping power, and unconstitutionally hijacking the office of President of the United States, please honor the Constitution – and provide the proof-positive that all Americans must provide to confirm their "natural born" status. This begins with your real long-form birth certificate, which includes the hospital, the attending physician, and other unimpeachable data specific to the birth certified therein.

       Sir, I demand the transparency you promised! Release your real long-form birth certificate immediately for the American public to see!

       Mr. Obama, I am not afraid to produce proof-positive when required. Why are you?


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