Washington, DC


Barack Hussein Obama's scorched earth assault on America's military might MUST BE STOPPED – not aided and abetted by Capitol Hill! From gutting the citizenship pledge to bear arms or provide service to the nation, to purging senior military to form a sycophantic command cadre, to proposing to raid the EARNED retirement pay of our soldiers, to eliminating political "enemies" from our troops, to holding soldiers' pay and military funding HOSTAGE to domestic funding for his "fundamental transformation," Obama's destruction of America's military might is jeopardizing the security of this nation as well as the safety of our allies around the world and MUST BE STOPPED!

As our soldiers have sworn an oath to defend our Constitution and the American people, we now must commit to defend THEM against Barack Obama's reckless disregard for the national defense, and his gross injustices against our brave warriors. The purge of officers and enlisted must END, the grotesque LGBT sexualizing and social engineering of our military in the name of "diversity" must HALT, and the proper priority restored to maintaining good order and discipline, unit cohesion, combat readiness and morale – which includes keeping retirement and benefit promises.

I DEMAND that BOTH chambers of Congress STOP the exploitation of our soldiers and veterans and PASS the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act! Furthermore, put a HOLD on all Obama administration nominations until an official Congressional inquiry into Barack Obama's military purge is commenced, and an independent outside review board is convened on reinstatement for the deserving among hundreds of purged officers!

We MUST stand up for our soldiers, assure the combat readiness of our troops and the war-footing capability of our military, and ensure the professionalism and officer corps cohesion of those who command them.

Moreover, our all-volunteer military do NOT surrender their Constitutional, unalienable, natural rights when they serve the nation. I look to YOU, the Congress, to provide remedies to secure their Constitutional rights for our military men and women. Likewise, our States do NOT surrender their Constitutional authority to have their National Guards exploited, then hollowed out by Washington!

As a VOTER, a TAXPAYER and, above all, an American CITIZEN, I DEMAND Congress "support and defend" our soldiers AND the Constitution of these United States. I thank you for recently insisting that the SEALs et al MUST have their Navy Jack patches reinstated when petty political partisanship briefly prevented the ranks from having recourse to this great symbol of our nation's warrior spirit – Don't Tread On Us.

Fulfill your oaths of office, or lose your jobs!

Sincerely for the troops,