Washington, DC

No Obama 'Budget Deal' – PASS H.R. 692, 'The Default Prevention Act' and
Spending Offsets Then Debt Ceiling And Budget Can Be Responsibly Addressed


FILIBUSTER AND REJECT A 'CLEAN' DEBT CEILING HIKE – DEMAND SPENDING OFFSETS AND DON'T VOTE ON THE DEBT UNTIL WE GET H.R. 692 SIGNED BY OBAMA! We the American People DEMAND you restore fiscal sanity and moral decency to our federal government, and BLOCK the Boehner/McConnell "clean" debt ceiling surrender – DO NOT strike more DEALS giving Obama everything he wants FOR NOTHING while driving this country further into a black hole of endless, unaffordable, UNNECESSARY DEBT.

You should not be hiking the debt ceiling, funding Planned Parenthood child slaughter, kicking the budget can down the road, or raising spending and cutting sequestration – one of our few means to force REAL fiscal restraints! Yet Republican Senate Majority "Leader" Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner pathetically, ARE ADDICTED to preemptively waving the white flag of surrender to GIVE OBAMA MORE MONEY TO WRECK AMERICA!

Any "budget deal" OR debt ceiling hike without offsetting spending cuts should never make it to a floor vote; it MUST be FILIBUSTERED in the Senate! Our Founders intended budget appropriations and spending to be responsible and representative of the people's will, not profligate and devoid of all fiscal restraint.

YOU CANNOT ALLOW RUNAWAY SPENDING TO CONTINUE OR CONTINUE TO INDEFINITELY RAISE THE DEBT CEILING. Your irresponsibility will be the ruin of the republic! Find substantial spending cuts NOW and make your case to the American People that there is another way within responsible self-government than fecklessness, duplicity and fiscal ruin – and see to it that the House and the Senate enact them! There is no time to waste.

If the two chambers are too dysfunctional for such nominal restraint and discipline, then start NOW passing spending and appropriations bills separately for the next fiscal year, (FY 2016) WITHIN EXISTING DEBT LIMITS.

We want no creative accounting, no sham votes, no "bipartisan" political theater, and no backroom deals or false "compromise" that surrenders fiscal restraint – we want federal government discretionary spending CUT, the debt CONTROLLED, new taxes or "fees" SPIKED, Planned Parenthood and the ObamaCare individual mandate DEFUNDED. NOW.

I DEMAND THE SENATE KILL THIS DEAL, so disgracefully advanced by the House! Fulfill your oaths of office demonstrating ethical and fiscal accountability, or lose your jobs!