Washington, DC


Obama is throwing out the rules for younger illegal aliens who have broken the law just by coming into the country illegally as children AND GRANTING THEM AMNESTY! This an outrageous, dictatorial and DEFIES CONGRESS.

Congress must STOP the Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver TODAY!

By flooding this country with so many immigrants — legal and illegal — controlling our immigration will become impossible, and by dumping that burden onto an already-overburdened system of government benefits, all such proposals are a threat to the future of the United States. They must be defeated.


That since passing no bill or allowing Executive Orders to stand is far better than any new amnesty, legalization, guest worker, or foreign worker program of any kind, we PETITION CONGRESS to HALT all such proposals and SECURE THE BORDER, NOW.

We PETITION for INCREASED AND EFFECTIVE federal border security and immigration law enforcement NOW. We favor a policy of attrition of the illegal population through strong enforcement of our nation's immigration laws, which includes, first and foremost, the physical securing of our borders.

We PETITION both Houses of Congress to heed the American People and reject the DREAM Act, the Gutierrez bill, and any other bill that provides amnesty provision or legalization of illegal aliens, or substantial increases in legal immigration or expansion of "worker" visa programs.

Further, we the undersigned PLEDGE to withhold political support from any Member of Congress who advocates, supports or votes for such legislation.

We reject utterly the extra-Constitutional machinations of the Obama administration enacting de facto amnesty through Executive Orders and Executive Branch Directives, and via illicit policy implementation — often directly contrary to legislation passed by Congress as the expressed Will of the Sovereign People.

Finally, we PLEDGE to dedicate ourselves to defeating any candidate for election or reelection of office who supports the Gutierrez bill, the DREAM Act, or any other bill that provides legalization of illegal aliens or substantial increases in legal immigration. We PLEDGE to do so regardless of political party and in both the primaries and the general election.