Washington, DC

REPEAL OBAMACARE WITHOUT DELAY! Keep your election promise to REPEAL and ONLY REPLACE Obama's unaffordable ACA with NON-GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED, FREE-MARKET based, patient controlled health insurance reforms – promptly!

We DEMAND the Congress immediately DEFUND OBAMACARE and enact a swift, simple majority REPEAL of the UNAFFORDABLE CARE ACT, which was forced on US by Democrat single party tactics regardless of the will of We the People! THEN, REPLACE the few good reforms contained within OBAMACARE WITH MARKET-BASED health insurance and high-risk pool coverage options legislation WITHIN 100 DAYS – NO ObamaCare 'SHORT TERM' FIXES, NO FAKE 'THREE PHASE' STRATEGIES, NO EXCUSES! DO NOT put Obama's ACA on LIFE SUPPORT under ANY guise – we DEMAND our healthcare freedom!

America is STILL a nation of laws, not of petty despotism and we are STILL a nation with a healthcare system worth saving – if we pull the plug on ObamaCare before it kills or bankrupts us all!

Republicans RAN ON REPEAL, REPLACE OBAMACARE and YOU in Congress need to step up and SHUT IT DOWN and immediately offer a free market alternative – Congress 'OWNS' this debacle, and with it the responsibility to REPEAL and REPLACE ObamaCare with legitimate market-based reform legislation!

ObamaCare is STILL unaffordable, STILL unconstitutional and STILL unwanted by the American people. It is STILL inimical to liberty. Despite constant resuscitation by Obama's illicit Executive Orders and OUR money, ObamaCare is dying an ugly, slow and exorbitantly expensive death, and we STILL demand it be DEFUNDED, DISMANTLED and BURIED. ObamaCare is GROSSLY unjust and inequitable; it is incompatible with a free society.

ObamaCare is KILLING middle class family prosperity and the small businesses that build our nation, and Congress needs to KILL IT first. In Election 2016 we voted IN those who REPEAL ObamaCare, and vote OUT those who BETRAYED us, whether on Capitol Hill or in our State governments.