Washington, DC

Revoke All Taxpayer Funding Of Planned Parenthood – Enact S. 1881
End PP Criminal Human Body Parts Trafficking of Fetal Remains

Pass Personhood Acts And Human Life Amendment Now

I PROTEST TAXPAYER FUNDING OF PLANNED PARENTHOOD, AND DEMAND IT STOP! Government-subsidized "non-profit" Planned Parenthood, America's #1 abortion provider, has been EXPOSED on camera as a criminal murder mill trafficking in human fetal body parts ILLEGALLY procured through partial-birth abortion procedures to MAXIMIZE PROFIT – all while it rakes in a half BILLION DOLLARS in federal grants, contracts and Medicaid reimbursements from American taxpayers with an annual PROFIT of more than $127 MILLION PER YEAR.

As a pro-life majority Congress, elected on campaign promises for decades to protect innocent life, NOW is the time for you to ACT in defense of the unborn! DEFUND, INVESTIGATE and INDICT Planned Parenthood's criminal conspiracy of baby body parts trafficking, ENACT with veto-proof majority vote S. 1881 to DEFUND PP, and REVOKE Title X family planning funding for abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood that perpetrated 327,653 infant murders subsidized by $528 MILLION of taxpayer money. DEFUND illicit taxpayer spending for abortion on demand through ObamaCare and joint Federal-States' Medicaid. DEFEND the decades-long minimal pro-life standard of Congress held by the Hyde Amendment, so that pro-life citizens are NOT made complicit in child murder. DEMAND the introduction AND passage by the new PRO-LIFE majority Congress of the Human Life Amendment. And save innocent lives!

Likewise, in many Statesthere are pro-life legislatures and Statehouses with majorities and strong executives sufficient to move forward PERSONHOOD bills for protection of the unborn.

'The No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act' upholds in ObamaCare the long-standing precedents of the Hyde Amendment restricting government funds for abortion services, and corrects Obama's BROKEN promise to enact through Executive Order the Stupak-Pitts Amendment. REINTRODUCE AND ENACT IT!

The majority of Congress has been elected repeatedly on the promise to DEFUND and REPEAL ObamaCare – and most specifically, to ensure that NO federal taxpayer funding would subsidize abortion on demand. Yet some 111,500 abortions WILL be performed at taxpayers' expense under ObamaCare, which egregiously presently continues to be FULLY FUNDED.

I WILL NOT BE COMPLICIT in this unholy carnage against the innocent unborn or in the destruction of my First and Fourth Amendment rights by ObamaCare! I demand you uphold your oath of office and defend the unalienable rights of our citizens, born AND unborn!

Abortion and ObamaCare are un-American, unwanted and unconscionable. YOU in Congress still have the power to DEFUND and DISMANTLE them both and in the States the power to REJECT and RESIST becoming complicit in their bloody crimes. DEFUND ObamaCare abortions, rationing of care and death panels; DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD – a criminal eugenics cartel – and END the entire depraved, pro-death abortion culture, before it destroys us as a free people, right along with our Republic.