Washington, DC


I am writing to demand you vote NO on the so-called "Enemy Expatriation Act." The ridiculous manner in which this bill is written will, in terms of statutory language, allow a tyrannical Federal Government to strip Americans of their citizenship without trial and merely for suspicion of undefined "hostilities."

The Immigration and Nationality Act, (8 USC 1481), as it stands is quite clear and reasonable in its definition of and punishment for treason. The Enemy Expatriation Act is not only superfluous, it actually alters the Act's statutory language to the extent that treason will now be a matter of Government discretion.

As with NDAA, Congress seems intent to demolish any and all claims American citizens have to the right of Habeas Corpus. WE WILL NOT TRADE LIBERTY FOR THE FALSE PROMISE OF SECURITY! I am writing to absolutely guarantee you that if you vote in favor of this anti-Liberty, Constitution-busting travesty I WILL vote you out of office.