Declaration Alliance

STOP 'Ground Zero Mosque'
Ground Zero Mosque is a Terror Threat

Declaration Alliance has retained noted corruption watchdog attorney Larry Klayman to file a class action suit in the Supreme Court of New York in Manhattan on behalf of First Plaintiff Vincent Forras, a courageous "First Responder" who was severely injured during his efforts to save innocent lives during September 11, 2001.

Mr. Forras has brought suit for "nuisance," "intentional infliction of emotional distress,"and "assault"against the Ground Zero Mosque and its terrorist-connected Imam, alleging the mosque represents a security threat and is intended to carry out continuing psychological warfare, if not material terrorism, against the people of New York headquartered from the proposed Islamist site.

Your special DONATION will assist the Declaration Alliance to STOP the 'Ground Zero Victory Mosque' in court, as well as help defend America against the GZ Mosque-associated Hamas terror front and other extremist groups hiding behind a false guise of religion. We will prevail, because terrorists cannot legitimately invoke its constitutional protections, as religious liberty does not extend to activities that violate the fundamental premises of natural justice.


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