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[Dear Honorable Member of Congress],

I AM PART OF THE AMERICAN ELECTORATE WHO INDICATED ON NOVEMBER 4 that we want President Obama's unchecked lawlessness finally brought to an end – and we are counting on you and other members of the House of Representatives to fight to make that happen.

During Speaker Boehner's tenure, nothing of real substance has been done to stop or undo the president's dangerous, destructive dismantling of our country's rule of law, stability, and national security, and in fact, the House's Republican leadership has too often enabled that agenda. ALL SUCH LEADERSHIP needs to be replaced with principled conservative fighters, representatives of the people who will "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic," not "go along to get along" in facilitating our country's fundamental "transformation."

I therefore implore you to choose for Speaker someone who will stand up to our lawless president and fight for conservative principles. I THEREFORE DO NOT SUPPORT THE CHOICE OF PAUL RYAN – despite his broad approval among more moderate members of Congress. Rep. Ryan has assured his colleagues that he will improve the way the House conducts its business, as many have called for, and that would be a marked improvement over Mr. Boehner's approach. But just as important, our nation sorely needs a proven conservative leader as Speaker to lead the House in doing what is needed to preserve and strengthen our country. Clearly, we need both fair and reasonable process, as widely acknowledged, and wise, far-sighted policy. Given his past positions and actions, I do not believe Rep. Ryan is the right person to accomplish this.

I also implore you not to allow Speaker Boehner's subordinates (all trained by him in his priorities and methods) to remain or move up in position, but instead REPLACE THESE UNDERLINGS ACROSS THE BOARD with better, stronger, more principled leaders.

These reasonable improvements will give our country a much needed moral and practical boost.

No matter who is chosen to lead the House, "politics as usual" (or anything like it) is not what is urgently needed at this time if we are to stop the deliberate weakening of our nation by Mr. Obama. Nor is it what voters indicated November 4, 2014, they want of their elected representatives.

We desperately need courageous, dedicated, principled NEW BLOOD to lead the House of Representatives, and America, in the crucial months and years ahead. Please give the most promising of Congress's principled conservatives a chance to put our nation back on track. Thank you.

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