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RE: We're Not Asking You To Vote Against Amnesty. We're Demanding That You Kill the Gang of Eight Amnesty Bill Once and For All!

Thirty Republican Senators recently betrayed the American people. They had the opportunity to kill the Gang-of-Eight amnesty bill by simply mustering forty-one votes against Harry Reid's cloture motion to bring the bill to the floor of the Senate, and thirty Republican Senators REFUSED to kill it. It's that simple.

To add insult to injury, it has come to my attention that some of these betrayers are actually telling their constituents that their refusal to kill this bill should not be construed as support of amnesty but rather a vote in affirmation of "debating" this horrendous legislation on the floor of the Senate. That's hogwash, you've been "debating" amnesty for the last seven years and the American people have repeatedly said no to amnesty and no to false promises about border security. There is nothing to "debate" and there was no reason to bring new life to this horrendous legislation.

Now that Harry Reid has announced that he will file another cloture motion, this time to cut off your precious "debate," the American people are wondering how you will react to Reid's shenanigans. Now that Reid has given you another bite at the apple, will you do what you should have done before: muster the forty-one votes against cloture and kill this amnesty bill once and for all? Or will you have the nerve to vote for cloture, and then immediately vote against the actual amnesty bill thereby allowing amnesty to pass by a simple majority vote in the Senate?

Do not deceive yourself. No one is fooled by your duplicity. No one will be fooled by your attempts to negotiate bogus "compromises" or "paper enforcement triggers" that will never come to fruition; and no one will be fooled if you vote for cloture and then tell the American people that you actually voted against amnesty. You can't vote for amnesty before you vote against it.

Let me make myself perfectly clear, the American people don't want you to "fix" this amnesty bill and it is not enough to simply vote against the bill if it comes to a vote before the full Senate. You can't run, you can't hide and you can't dance. You have the power to KILL this Amnesty bill on the coming cloture vote and the American people are expecting you to do just that... kill it... PERIOD!


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