Gun Grabbers Push Anti-Gun ATF Nominee

ALERT: Andrew Traver, a favorite amongst anti-gun zealots and gun ban lobbying groups, has been renominated to head ATF (an agency responsible for regulating guns and ammunition).

YES, I Want To Help DEMAND Congress Stop Anti-Gun Rights Andrew Traver’s Nomination - NOW!

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Gun-control fanatics said that Traver’s renomination will help ensure their bundle of anti-gun bills remain on the Congressional agenda after the tragedy in Tucson. Paul Helmke, President of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Violence said, "I see (Traver's nomination) as a very big opportunity for the administration. Since this administration took office, they have run from the gun issue. ... They need to fight for this."

Putting Andrew Traver in charge of an organization that decides whether we can buy, sell or transport guns is the first of many steps Obama and his anti-gun zealots are taking to crush our Second Amendment Rights. As we saw with his Supreme Court nominations, Obama’s m.o. is to stuff as many anti-Second Amendment extremists into our most powerful offices of government. Enough is Enough.

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