Impeachment Now!
The Case for the Constitutional Remedy
By Dr. Alan L. Keyes
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In Good Conscience
Essays on Faith and America's
By Dr. Alan L. Keyes
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About the booklets

These first two booklets in a series of illuminating essays by Alan Keyes—Impeachment Now! The Case for the Constitutional Remedy and In Good Conscience: Essays on Faith and America's Liberty—emphasize Dr. Keyes' impeccable biblical understanding and unwavering loyalty to America's founding documents: the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

In Impeachment Now!, Dr. Keyes makes a persuasive case for initiating impeachment proceedings against a man who has far exceeded the constitutional parameters of the office of President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama.

Dr. Keyes argues that the Founders intended impeachment to be a way for the representatives of the American people to expose serious dereliction by high public officials who would otherwise be protected from all accountability by the pardoning power granted the president. The Founders meant the impeachment process to be a "NATIONAL INQUEST" that would subject tyrants to open scrutiny in a way no other process could—and it gives the people the final say, politically.

Impeachment is the "constitutional remedy" to corrupt government officials who pose a serious threat to America's security and wellbeing, and was designed to be invoked before such individuals have a chance to do irreparable damage, not afterward, Dr. Keyes emphasizes.

In Good Conscience examines America's heritage of God-ordained liberty, and the need to preserve that heritage though dependence upon the Creator and conformity to His will. These insightful, masterfully-written essays—some original pieces, some adapted from his long-running WND column—emphasize Alan's biblical premises and resulting appreciation of what he calls America's "God-acknowledging Creed," the Declaration of Independence.

It is upon this sure foundation of American principle that Dr. Keyes stands in responding to the urgent challenges of our times.

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