Washington, DC

Reverse, Reject Obama-U.N. Attacks on Israel
Stand With Israel – Defund the United Nations! Put Our Embassy in Jerusalem!

I PETITION the entire Congress to SUPPORT an embattled ISRAEL at once with SWIFT PASSAGE of the "Safeguard Israel Act of 2017" immediately DEFUNDING the anti-Israel United Nations. Barack Obama violated U.S. policy, specifically the Foreign Operations Appropriations Act of 2006, and FAILED to support our ally Israel at the United Nations, instead using U.N. pro-Islam globalists as a proxy to work AGAINST Israel. This betrayal of our ally MUST BE REVERSED – immediately! DEFUND THE U.N.!

Congress MUST also DEFY, REBUKE and RESTRAIN the U.N. from on-going pressure against our democratic ally Israel, and END capitulation to U.N. demands of Palestinian Statehood, BDS attacks, Iranian nuclear "treaty" concessions, and no Israeli settlements on Israeli lands! Congress MUST END such unprecedented, faithless action in the U.N. by cutting off U.N. funds until Israel is treated with justice and respect! Moreover, President Trump must be immediately directed by Congress to keep faith with our ally and keep our nation's promises, properly locating our U.S. Embassy in Israel's national capital, Jerusalem!

Obama faithlessly insisted Israel "make peace" with those who deny her right to exist; that the Jewish State trust those who prey upon Israel to subvert her national security, compromise her borders and surrender her settlements; that Israel enable those who seek to undermine and fatally weaken her defenses against the very terrorist organizations that announce daily their intentions to destroy her. Obama's demands emboldened Israel's enemies and needlessly endangered the safety of people and the security of the Jewish State. Congress and the Trump administration MUST REVERSE Obama's shameful anti-Israel legacy!

For America to renege on existing terms of prior peace accords or U.N. Resolutions, or demand compromise on existing Israeli territorial lines is dishonorable AND fraught with danger. Further, the determination of her borders is the right and duty of the sovereign nation of Israel. The pre-1967 war "borders" pro-Arabs are demanding are in fact the armistice lines of repeated Arab attacks against the Jewish state, are INDEFENSIBLE, AND ARE NOT rightly the basis of any negotiation for permanent Israeli borders. American policy historically and U.N. Resolution 242 unwaveringly affirms these facts. U.S. long standing assurances, support and previous resolutions that Israel shall negotiate her own borders with her Arab neighbors must be reasserted by Trump and the new Congress, reversing Obama's meddling and treachery.

Pass the "Safeguard Israel Act of 2017" and honor Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Do your duty – Stand with Israel. DEFEND our ally Israel – TODAY!