Washington, DC


I petition Congress to SUPPORT ISRAEL at once with a JOINT RESOLUTION that corrects Obama's shameful repudiation of America's support for extant peace accords, DEFUND an Israel-bashing UN with a reintroduced H.R. 2829, and OVERRIDE President Barack Obama's unprecedented and ill-considered demands that Israel "make peace" with those who deny her right to exist; that the Jewish State trust those who prey upon Israel to subvert her national security, compromise her borders and surrender her settlements; that Israel enable those who seek to undermine and fatally weaken her defenses against the very terrorist organizations that announce daily their intentions to destroy her.

Israel gained her current territorial holdings after the "Six Day War" of 1967, in which every one of her neighbors, along with nearly every other country in the Muslim world, had ruthlessly and relentlessly maneuvered to attack her. In her ensuing victory, Israel gained strategic territory vital to the defense of the Jewish nation. These new boundaries were recognized by the United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 as necessary to Israel's ability to defend herself from future attacks, and as part of the peace negotiation process. In addition, both Jordan and Egypt eventually ceded their claims to the West Bank and Gaza, while the Sinai was returned to Egypt on the basis of the Camp David Accords and peace treaty with Egypt of 1978.

For America to renege on existing terms of prior peace accords or U.N. Resolutions, or demand compromise on existing Israeli territorial lines is dishonorable AND fraught with danger – and in any event the determination of her borders is the right and duty of the sovereign nation of Israel. The pre-1967 war "borders" about which Obama is making demands are in fact the armistice lines of repeated Arab attacks against the Jewish state, are INDEFENSIBLE, AND ARE NOT rightly the basis of any negotiation for permanent Israeli borders. American policy historically and U.N. Resolution 242 unwaveringly affirm this fact and must prevail over Barack Obama's dangerous duplicity. U.S. long standing assurances, support and previous resolutions that Israel shall negotiate her own borders with her Arab neighbors must stand, unimpeded by Obama's meddling and treachery. Obama's course could result in the total annihilation of our greatest, freest and most faithful Mid East ally.

Congress must now override Barack Obama to pass a Joint Resolution of support for the Jewish State, Iranian sanctions under S. 1881, and reintroduce and enact H.R. 2829 the United Nations Transparency, Accountability, and Reform Act. Congress must support Israel AND help ensure she can uphold her sovereignty against Obama's arrogant, inappropriate and dangerous interference. Congress needs to step up NOW, and STAND WITH ISRAEL!

Moreover, Congress immediately must PASS new, rigorous sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran under S. 1881, The Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act, to compel the Ayatollahs' compliance in terminating their rogue nuclear program. It is unconscionable of the Obama administration to relax sanctions under the so-called Geneva agreement while Iran remains poised to become nuclear weapons capable, and threaten both the United States and our ally Israel with annihilation. Do your duty – America stands with Israel.