Washington, DC



Whereas the Founders of America made clear in their writings their commitment to a free, sovereign nation, and

Whereas the Founders established that Congress writes the laws, determines our trade policy, and "regulates trade with foreign nations" – and so it was for 200 years until the Nixon Executive Branch and its allegiant Congress negotiated "Fast Track" mechanisms – renamed "Trade Promotion Authority" or TPA in 2002 – to cede the powers of the Commerce Clause from the Legislative to the Executive Branch in the name of expediency, and

Whereas they made clear as well the Executive Branch is obligated in responsibility to trust, encourage and rely upon We the People, our elected representatives and our Constitution to protect the interests of our nation and the American people – NOT FOREIGN INTERESTS, and

Whereas we see a tyrannical, ideologically motivated Executive Branch run amok, an extreme anti-gun rights, anti-Bill of Rights, anti-Constitution and pro-internationalist Judicial Branch, and a liberal media and its Leftist claque eager to exploit our enterprise and abuse our trust WHILE scheming to give away our jobs and our hard-earned dollars to foreign nations, and

Whereas our current trade policy is FAILING, and renewal of Fast Track/TPA that expired in 2007 ceded MORE power from the Legislative Branch to an Executive Branch already abhorrent of the Constitution, American sovereignty and the good of the American people, and

Whereas the Trans Pacific Partnership making unfettered intrusion on domestic regulations with NO CONGRESSIONAL OVERSIGHT poses a threat to our sovereignty, our prosperity and our ordered liberty via a secretly-negotiated, binding international agreement liable to supersede our Second Amendment-protected right to arms; U.S. wage, safety, and environmental laws; to enable foreign currency manipulation; and to disorder food safety laws, state-owned businesses, market access for small businesses, access to pharmaceuticals, and limits upon civil rights, intellectual provenance and property rights and online commerce,

NOW THEREFORE, we the undersigned REJECT THE TOP SECRET 'ratify it to find out what's in it' TRANS PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP (TPP) and all of its globalist schemes, especially its job-killing faux 'free trade' and anti- American sovereignty provisions undermining our rights in favor of U.N. globalists. We DEMAND you REJECT RATIFICATION of this NAFTA-style TRANS PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP. We endorse the restoration of our Founders' conception of our sovereign nation trading individually with other sovereign nations, and maintaining the Separation of Powers complete with CHECKS AND BALANCES!