Washington, DC


Petition to Defend American Sovereignty against Communist China
No Land Grab or Property Conversion of Government Debt

Whereas the Founders of America made clear in their writings their commitment to a free, sovereign nation, and

Whereas they made clear as well their conviction that the Executive Branch is obligated in responsibility is to trust, encourage and rely upon We the People, our elected representatives and our Constitution to protect the interests of our nation and the American people, and

Whereas we see a tyrannical, ideologically motivated Executive Branch run amok, an extreme anti-Bill of Rights, anti-Constitution and pro-internationalist Judicial Branch, and a liberal media and its Leftist claque eager to exploit our enterprise and abuse our trust WHILE scheming to give away our birthright to foreign nations, and

Whereas China and its citizens are ruthlessly exploiting U.S. policy amassing our federal government's massive, reckless debt with a plan to convert that debt to ownership of U.S. LAND and CORPORATIONS, in an assault upon American sovereignty, security and prosperity, and

Whereas "birth tourism" is amassing U.S. citizenship status for infants of Chinese nationals exploiting our jus soli policy, and further exploiting policy loopholes for their entire families to immigrate here, and

NOW THEREFORE, it is the expressed will of the American People to NEVER exchange our land, our businesses or our national sovereignty to underwrite Washington's profligate spending! We demand Congress immediately support and enact law barring the Executive Branch and all government agencies from ever doing so. We further demand immediate passage of S. 45/H.R. 140 closing the "anchor baby" citizenship loophole that provides a U.S. citizenship foothold for illegal aliens AND tourists and opens entry to their families. We demand Congress restore America's fiscal sovereignty by BALANCING THE BUDGET and PAYING DOWN OBAMA'S $18 TRILLION IN DEBT.

Do your duty and stand for American sovereignty TODAY!