Let Facts Refute Hillary Campaign LIES!

Benghazi Security Team Reveals Betrayal

Congress Must Hold Accountable ALL In Authority


Every week NEW documents and NEW revelations make it even MORE URGENT that the TRUTH be exposed of the FATAL national security Benghazi FAILURE and COVER UP perpetrated by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama!

Where is Congressional RESOLVE to make this a bicameral, JOINT COMMITTEE that can COMPEL COMPLIANCE and RENDER JUSTICE?

Hillary previously DENIED any knowledge of these ops, but NOW Hillary's secret, ILLEGAL email arrangements are coming to light and EXPOSING THE TRUTH.

While Obama bureaucrat brats TALK SPITE, SLOWWALK, and STONEWALL – further imperiling liberty, dishonoring our dead and debasing our nation, ISIS is rampaging across the Levant with the WEAPONS Hillary and Obama gave them.

Thanks to Hillary's "E-Pot Dome" scandal and NEW documents FINALLY being released under court order, PLUS recent revelations by THREE key security team member survivors of the fatal fire fight as well as FOIA disclosures, the truth is emerging AND the cover up is unraveling.

The American public KNOWS there WERE "stand down" orders that fatally prevented rescue, and there IS an on-going "cover up of a cover up" by the Obama White House on Benghazi!

Amb. Chris Stevens, former Navy SEALs Tyrone "Rhone" Woods and Glen "Bud" Doherty and the State Department's own Sean Smith killed that night – these loyal men should not have been sacrificed on the altar of selfish political ambition – not for Barack Hussein Obama OR Hillary Clinton! DEMAND Congress empanel a bicameral Joint Select Committee to expose the truth!

America must FINALLY learn of Obama and Hillary that night huddling behind closed doors to save their own skins while good men died, fabricating fairytales to cover their privileged positions at the cost of patriots' lives!

This is betrayal of the highest order. This is TREASON.

DEMAND the Senate make this investigative Select Committee bicameral!

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama MUST be held to their oaths of office. Not only Hillary – ALL Executive Branch personnel and military command complicit in the Benghazi scandal MUST be SUBPOENAED and QUESTIONED UNDER OATH; and if responsible in any way for the abandonment and harm of our personnel there, they MUST BE IMPEACHED OR PROSECUTED TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW.



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