Washington, DC




Convene a Joint Special Investigative Committee
Authorize an Independent Special Prosecutor
Prepare Obama Impeachment Inquiry

Whereas the Founders of America believed it necessary to defend our nation and Americans against foreign threats, and

Whereas they made clear their conviction that government's responsibility is to defend our nation against all enemies "foreign and domestic", and

Whereas we have an obligation to four brave Americans who died in Benghazi in service to their nation and the cause of liberty that the truth be told, that justice be served, and that our beloved America be rightly defended, and

Whereas we in America today are threatened by unending attacks by Jihadists worldwide,

NOW THEREFORE, we the undersigned do demand as Congress immediately convenes a Joint Special "Select" Investigative Committee, that these Members be "selected" NOT for loyalty to party leadership, but devotion to duty! ALL parties' leaderships have been AWOL and derelict of duty in regard to Benghazi, and we DEMAND that those serving on this Select Committee be partisans of the truth, with a dedication and commitment to mete out justice without fear or favor. If, as expected, Democrats and the White House refuse to comply or cooperate, a Special Prosecutor must be authorized and full force of law compelled. WE WILL NOT BE SATISFIED WITH POLITICAL THEATER.

We expect this Committee to use its full powers to subpoena witnesses and compel depositions, to thoroughly investigate all executive department officials charged with national security and foreign defense who are implicated at any level, however high, with the shameful Benghazi massacre and its cover up – and we DEMAND that justice prevail for their criminal duplicity and dereliction of duty.

We DEMAND you extend full personal and professional PROTECTION against Obama administration intimidation to WHISTLEBLOWERS, WITNESSES and SURVIVORS of BENGHAZI cooperating with investigators!

We DEMAND you block and defund EVERY authorization, request or appropriation, and filibuster EVERY BIT OF LEGISLATION OBAMA WANTS UNTIL WE HAVE ANSWERS. There must be NO business as usual, NO unanimous consent, and NO up-and-down votes until justice is done and We the People have a Select Committee convened and Special Prosecutor authorized capable of uncovering WHO in this administration FAILED TO ACT or actively gave the "NO GO" orders that denied life-saving assistance to our Americans under terrorist attack, and who is responsible for covering up these fatal, criminal decisions – and then proceed with the legal process necessary to mete out justice to those identified for their treasonous dereliction of duty!

We petition you to ensure that ALL Executive Branch personnel implicated or complicit in the Benghazi scandal be SUBPOENAED and QUESTIONED UNDER OATH; that if responsible in any way for the abandonment and harm of our personnel there, they be acknowledged by the full Congress as IMPEACHABLE and presently DISQUALIFIED for active DUTY or ADVANCEMENT in public, high office; that all actions necessary and sufficient for impeachment proceedings to commence including an immediate inquiry be undertaken by the U.S. House of Representatives; and U.S. Senate in a Special Joint Committee; that if the Select Committee cannot gain Democrat comliance or is stonewalled by the White House an independent Special Prosecutor be appointed, to assist the Congress in resolve to do its duty to the Constitution. We endorse our Founders' conception of a strong national defense and foreign policy to protect Americans and American interests everywhere and we will NOT abide failure in our elected Representatives to see it restored!