Washington, DC

RE: Support Senator DeMint's Opposition To LOST and its Replacements. Do It Today!


Words cannot express my outrage! Senator Jim DeMint's letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid vowing to oppose ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) stalled the treaty? Now the surrender of American sovereignty was put back on the table by foreign diplomats and their internationalist allies in the federal government A tyrannical United Nations inspired scam to replace LOST or hide it in a lame duck session after elections would compel us to pay a global tax to a made-up international body of America-haters for the privilege of using the world's oceans and seas?

Having grabbed hold of your senses once you must continue to believe that America must NOT be governed by the UN? LOST and its replacement was intentionally designed to erode our sovereignty, promote the redistribution of wealth on a global scale, cripple the ability of the United States Navy to protect this great country, oblige us to share intelligence and proprietary technology with unfriendly nations; and it will further cripple our economy in a time of recession.

Senate DeMint wrote that LOST "reflects political, economic, and ideological assumptions which are inconsistent with American values and sovereignty." He put it mildly. LOST is unconstitutional, it is tyrannical, and it is un-American.

Our sovereignty is not for sale. The people of the United States do not kneel and pay homage to third-world, America-hating despots, and we will not tolerate any betrayals on something as basic as compromising our Constitutional freedoms. Put a stop to this insanity and continue to believe that America must NOT be governed by the UN and support Senator DeMint's opposition to the Law of the Sea Treaty and its replacements. Do it today. Enough is enough! It's time we get rid of LOST and its replacements before it destroys our country and ruins America. I will am watching and voting to make sure you sign continue to support DeMint's efforts to stop the UN.

I demand that you STOP LOST and its replacements right away.