Tell Congress We Will Be Watching Them

The new gun control group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (MDA) has hit Capitol Hill demanding for new gun control legislation.

The group has over 150 anti-gun rallies scheduled in D.C and surrounding states. At these rallies they will be discussing their 'Gun Sense Voter' campaign which is tied into Bloomberg's 'Everytown For Gun Sense' $50 million campaign.

These anti-gunners are trying to brainwash millions of Americans into voting for anti-gun candidates during these 2014 midterm Congressional elections. 39% of American households own guns; tens of millions of gun owners will be at the polls in November making the difference in this election.

Demand Congress refuses any new anti-gun legislation. We will be watching them this year and will remember how they voted when we hit the polls in November. Gun owners will make the difference in these midterm elections.

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